A downloadable memory


welcome back home, alconia.

we have sent you ten years into the future to figure out a selection of problems.
it is comprised into one section : extinction.

those damn bypassers time blocked the zone at the exact moment of final extinction.
as a solution to that, we have equipped you with a suit of abilities this world will have yet to understand.

primarily, your suit has a built-in magnetic compulsor. thank us for that later.
secondly, your suit has a little something that has been in the works.
we call it authorium. this has the ability to view the events of disasters in any case by using time knowledge alongside yours.

use it to the best of your ability, as it is pretty much the only way you will even learn about the past in this wasteland.
upon complete discovery, report back to us asap.

your ride back home will stop by just for you.

good luck,

if i am unable to complete this, i apologize. you best better believe that it's going to be completed regardless of date. >:^) [i had to go somewhere on the final day of production]

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