You are an entity that lay along the raiders. As you explored, they searched for desire. Riches. Anything that keeps them happy. But alas, as you journeyed, you ran into these mess of a pirates, and it's your job to halt them from causing any more pain to anyone else. Things may turn for the worse.



e = pick-up item; left shift = sprint; ctrl = crouch; a/d or left-arr/right-arr = move;

(I know this game definitely did. :^) On the plus side, it's the most code I have ever written for any game ever made on my end, so I'm fine with this.)

[I'll definitely be updating this after the ratings, because I do not allow this to be a complete game, leaving the original version that was submitted to play as well.]

Install instructions

Extract the zip file, read either of the two text documents, play for five seconds, and delete. :^)


rising-raiders(0.0.0_'01-P0).zip 11 MB
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