What is this? It's up to you to find out. Sadly, this developer spent so much time on mapping, he forgot to add dialogue to the sprites. I'm sure the snail will mention that to you at one point. Have fun!

[Done for the Bric-a-Brac Jam!]

*This game is still a bit buggy, and may require more fixes.


fixed many exits, at the loss of no walking guy. :(


improved collisions with buildings, endings, and returned no walking guy. :)


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wow this is big.. i only found four endings out of what might be 10? one of my ending said it was the tenth one.. man is this game big! i like the sense of scale but oh god i keep getting lost so much lmao

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the sense of scale. :^) I plan to fix a bit more of the map problems very soon, because there are some areas that aren't even accessible yet due to random errors that happen when saving over 100s of exit doors, that cause some to not be saved. Lastly, if I can count correctly, there is 16 endings as of now.


oh wow! thats a lot of endings!! yeah bitsy can get laggy and things start to get wonky after u have a lot of rooms and exits :|